The Karaj Dam (Amir kabir)

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The initial studies for Amirkabir Dam took 22 years until 1956 when formal proceedings began and the dam was constructed in the period from 1957 to 1961 by Morrison Knudsen. The ecliptic concrete structure is 590 ft high, with 98 ft length on bottom and 1,280 ft on top and its watershed is 475 mi long. The average annual water inflow to its reservoir is 472 million cubic meters. The total capacity of the dam’s reservoir is 202 million cubic meters. The bottom elevation of reservoir and normal water surface elevation of reservoir are 5,069 ft and 5,280 ft respectively.

The Amir kabir Dam was built as a multi-purpose dam to provide tap water for Tehran alongside agricultural development in Karaj. It supplies the irrigation demand of over 120,000 acres of farm land near Karaj. The power plant has been connected to the national electricity network for over 46 years and has a capacity of 90 megawatts. The lake behind the dam is a touristic attraction while being a natural habitat for rainbow trout. With its sailing and water-skiing facilities, the dam is a popular weekend summer resort.

At the time of construction the Company employed 2600 people.