The Revelstoke Dam

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The hydroelectric complex is comprised of a 550 feet high concrete gravity dam in Little Dalles Canyon, a 380 foot high earthfill dam on the west bank of the river, and a powerhouse in the riverbed, immediately downstream of the concrete dam. Each of the dam’s 5 power units has a capacity of 460,750 kW. Individually the units have the largest capacity of any in B.C. Hydro’s system which the Company has built several for.

The concrete powerhouse is 670 feet long, 160 feet wide and 190 feet high. The reservoir created by the dam extends 80 miles back to the tailwaters of the Mica Dam. It has a surface area of 25,300 acres. Since regulated release water from Mica provides almost three-quarters of the inflow into the reservoir, the Revelstoke power plant operates as a run-of-the-river plant, with normal maximum fluctuations in the reservoir level of 4 feet.

The Company formed a joint venture to construct the dam under the name of Revelstoke Constructors Inc. and took five years to complete.